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Institut de minéralogie, de physique des matériaux et de cosmochimie

Sylvain Bernard

Scientific Expertise


Biosignatures in Rocks

Experimental Fossilization

Experimental Hydrothermalism

Organic-Inorganic Interactions

Shale Gas Generation Processes

Meteorite and Comet Organics  

Contact Details


Office : Site Buffon, 2th Floor, Room 203

Telephone : 01 40 79 35 32

Mail : sylvain.bernard @

Analytical Skills

  - STXM, XANES Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, Electron Microscopy, P-T and Fluid-Flow Experiments

Professional Resume

  - Since 2010: CNRS Researcher in mineralogy/geochemistry

  - 2009-2010: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the GFZ (Helmholtz Zentrum Potsdam, Germany)

Educational Background

  - Ph.D. in Fundamental and Applied Geochemistry, University Paris Diderot & IPGP - 09/12/2008


  - Alleon J., Bernard S., Le Guillou C., Marin-Carbonne J., Pont S., Beyssac O., McKeegan K.D. & Robert F. Molecular preservation of 1.88-Ga Gunflint organic microfossils: influence of temperature and associated mineralogy. Nature Communications, DOI: 10.1038/ncomms11977, 2016.

  - Alleon J., Bernard S., Le Guillou C., Daval D., Skouri-Panet F., Pont S., Delbes L. & Robert F. Early entombment within silica minimizes the molecular degradation of microorganisms during advanced diagenesis. Chemical Geology 437, 98-108, 2016.

  - Guériau P., Bernard S. & Bertrand L. Advanced synchrotron characterization of paleontological specimens. Elements 12, 45-50, 2016.

  - Bertrand L., Bernard S., Marone F., Thoury M., Reiche I., Gourrier A., Sciau P. & Bergmann, U. Emerging approaches in synchrotron studies of materials from cultural and natural history collections. Topics in Current Chemistry 374, n°7, 2016.

  - Han Y., Horsfield, B. Wirth R., Mahlstedt & Bernard S. Oil retention and porosity evolution in organic rich shales. AAPG Bulletin, in press.

  - Remusat L., Piani L. & Bernard S. Thermal recalcitrance of the organic D-rich component of ordinary chondrites. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 435, 36-44, 2016.

  - Mirvaux B., Recham N., Miot J., Courty M., Bernard S., Beyssac O., Davoisne C., Sougrati M., Demortière A., Guyot F., Tarascon J.M. & Larcher D. (2016) Iron Phosphate / Bacteria composites as precursors for textured electrode materials with enhanced electrochemical properties. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 163 (10), A1-A10, 2016.

  - Barré P., Plante A.F., Cécillon L., Lutfalla S., Baudin F., Bernard S., Christensen B.T., Eglin T., Fernandez J.?., Houot S., Kätterer T., Le Guillou C., Macdonald A., van Oort F. & Chenu C. The energetic and chemical signatures of persistent soil organic matter. Biogeochemistry, DOI: 10.1007/s10533-016-0246-0, 2016.

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  - Iniesto M., Zeyen N., López-Archilla A.I., Bernard S., Buscalioni A.D., Guerrero M.C. & Benzerara K., Preservation in microbial mats: mineralization by a talc-like phase of a fish embedded in a microbial sarcophagus. Frontiers in Earth Science, 3(51), 1-13, 2015.

  - Rouchon V., Bernard S. Mapping iron gall ink penetration within paper fibres using scanning transmission X-ray microscopy. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 30, 635-641, 2015.

  - Alleon J., Bernard S., Remusat L. & Robert F. Estimation of nitrogen-to-carbon ratios of organics and carbon materials at the submicrometer scale. Carbon, 84, 290-298, 2015.

  - Robin N., Bernard S., Miot J., Blanc-Valleron M.M., Charbonnier S. & Petit G. Preservation of microbial epibionts in the fossil record: Example of calcifying bacteria. Minerals, 5, 488-506, 2015.

  - Bernard S., Benzerara K., Beyssac O., Balan E. & Brown Jr. G.E. Evolution of the macromolecular structure of sporopollenin during thermal degradation as documented by infrared, Raman and C-XANES spectroscopies. Heliyon, 1, e00034, 2015.

  - Li J., Bernard S., Benzerara K., Beyssac O., Allard T., Cosmidis J. & Mousou J. Impact of biomineralization on the preservation of microorganisms during fossilization: an experimental perspective. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 400, 113-122, 2014.

  - Le Guillou C., Bernard S., Brearley A.J. & Remusat L. Evolution of organic matter in Orgueil, Murchison and Renazzo during parent body aqueous alteration: in-situ investigations. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 131, 368-392, 2014.

  - Bernard S. & Papineau D. Graphitic carbons and biosignatures. Elements, 10(6), 345-350, 2014.

  - Bernard S. & Horsfield B. Thermal Maturation of Gas Shale Systems. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Science, 42, 635-651, 2014.

  - Bernard S. & Horsfield B. Reply to comment on “Formation of nanoporous pyrobitumen residues during maturation of the Barnett Shale (Fort Worth Basin)”. International Journal of Coal Geology, 127, 114-115, 2014.

  - Romero-Sarmiento M.F., Rouzaud J.N., Bernard S., Deldicque D., Thomas M. & Littke R. Evolution of Barnett Shale organic carbon structure and nanostructure as a function of increasing maturation. Organic Geochemistry, 71, 7-16, 2014.

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  - Bernard S., Horsfield B., Schulz H-M., Schreiber A., Wirth R., Vu T.T.A., Perssen F., Könitzer S., Volk H., Sherwood N. & Fuentes D. Multi-scale detection of organic and inorganic signatures provides insights into gas shale properties and evolution. Chemie der Erde - Geochemistry, 70(S3), 119-133, 2010.

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  - Bernard S., Avouac JP., Dominguez S. & Simoes M. Kinematics of fault-related folding derived from a sandbox experiment. Journal of Geophysical Research, 112, B03S12, 2007.

Main Collaborators  

  - Preservation of biosignatures in rocks: O. Beyssac (IMPMC, Paris, France), K. Benzerara (IMPMC, Paris, France), J. Marin (UJM, St Etienne, France), D. Papineau (UCL, London, UK), S. Charbonnier (CR2P, Paris, France), A. El Albani (IC2MP, Poitiers, France), G.E. Brown Jr (Stanford, CA, USA)

  - Hydrocarbon generation in gas shales: B. Horsfield (GFZ, Potsdam, Germany), R. Wirth (GFZ, Potsdam, Germany), J.N. Rouzaud (LGENS, Paris, France), M.F. Romero-Sarmiento (IFPEN, Paris, France)

  - Aqueous alteration of meteorites and irradiation of organics: C. Le Guillou (CNES, Paris, France), L. Remusat (IMPMC, Paris, France), F. Stalport (LISA, Paris, France), A. Brearley (UNM, NM, USA)

  - Micro-organism biomineralization and fossilization: J. Miot (IMPMC, Paris, France), F. Skouri-Panet (IMPMC, Paris, France), A. Kish (MCAM, Paris, France), S. Zirah (MCAM, Paris, France)

  - Organic/clay/carbonate interactions in soils: P. Barré (LGENS, Paris, France), S. Derenne (METIS, Paris, France), A. Huguet (METIS, Paris, France)

  - Hydrothermal mineral weathering: D. Daval (LHyGeS, Strasbourg, France), F. Guyot (IMPMC, Paris, France), T. McCollom (LAPS, CO, USA)

  - Cultural heritage and degradation mechanisms: V. Rouchon (CRC, Paris, France), L. Bertrand (IPANEMA, Soleil, France), C. Moulherat (Quai Branly, Paris, France)


Traductions :

    Comment les bactéries contribuent au piégeage du nickel dans les sédiments des mangroves de Nouvelle-Calédonie

    La Nouvelle-Calédonie, petit archipel d’environ 20 000 km2 localisé dans le Sud-Est de l’Océan Pacifique, est le sixième exportateur de nickel dans le monde. Les activités minières exacerbent les phénomènes naturels d’érosion et de lessivage des gisements latéritiques nickélifères exploités et entrainent...

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