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Institut de minéralogie, de physique des matériaux et de cosmochimie

Jean-Christophe Viennet




Clay Mineralogy



Contact Details

Office Site Buffon, 1st Floor

Telephone : 01 40 79 35 ??

Mail : jean.christophe.viennet25@gmail.com


Analytical Skills

  - X-ray Diffraction

  - P-T and fluid flow experiments

Professional Resume

  - Postdoctoral Fellow at IMPMC and LAMS since december 2017 (DIM MAP)

  - 2015-2017, PostDoctoral research Fellow at CEED (Planetary Terrestrial Analogues Library -PTAL- project - University of Oslo, Norway)

Educational background

  - 2012-2015:  PhD in clay mineralogy and geochemistry at University of Poitiers (France): Hydroxy interlayer minerals of soils: structural characterization using X-ray diffraction profile modeling and determination of the formation mechanisms by experimental approach.

  - 2012: Diploma from the National School of Engineers of Poitiers (ENSIP) - Civil Engineering and Water Quality with a specialization in Construction and Geotechniques.

  - 2012: Master degree from the University of Poitiers: Natural Materials, Water and Environmental Skills (MNE3).


  - Viennet J.-C., Bultel B., Riu L. & Werner S. (2017) Dioctahedral phyllosilicates/zeolites versus carbonates/zeolites competitions as constraints to understand early Mars alteration conditions, Journal of Geophysical Research Planet.

  - Dzene L., Ferrage E., Viennet J.-C., Tertre E. & Hubert F. (2017) Crystal structure control of aluminized clay minerals on the mobility of caesium in contaminated soil environments, Scientific Reports, 7, 43187.

  - Viennet J.-C., Hubert F., Tertre E., Ferrage E., Robin V., Dzene L., Cochet C. & Turpault M.-P. (2016) Effect of particle size on the experimental dissolution and aluminization processes of K vermiculite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 180, 164-176.

  - Viennet J.-C., Hubert F., Ferrage E., Tertre E., Legout A. & Turpault M.-P. (2015) Investigation of clay mineralogy in a temperate acidic soil of a forest using X-ray diffraction profile modeling: Beyond the HIS and HIV description. Geoderma, 214-215, 75-86.


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