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Application Form

An internal committee will review all applications submitted to the IMPMC/MNHN NanoSIMS facility. The primary criteria, on the basis of which the best applications will be selected, are: Scientific merits, potential impact, and analytical feasibility.

Beam-time on the NanoSIMS is requested with the NanoSims Beam Time Request, which must be filled out in English by potential users. (Les demandeurs français doivent remplir un document spécifique à télécharger ici.)

Email the completed application form to mathieu.roskosz @ mnhn.fr

Price per day for NanoSIMS analyses:
500 € for laboratories attached to INSU or the MNHN
1000 € for other public laboratories
2264 € for industrial and foreign laboratories

Publication policy:
Acknowledgements should explicitly mention that data were collected using the NanoSims Instrument at the Museum (MNHN-INSU-IMPMC).

Sébastien Girard - 30/09/16

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