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Institut de minéralogie, de physique des matériaux et de cosmochimie

Karim Benzerara (Directeur de recherche CNRS)


Scientific expertise





Analytical skills

STXM, Electron microscopy (SEM and TEM), microbiology

Function and attachment

Senior research scientist at CNRS




Professional Resume

  - Since 2012: CNRS Director of Research at IMPMC

  - 2004-2012: CNRS Researcher in mineralogy/geobiology

  - 2003-2005: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Stanford University (CA, USA)

Educational Background

  - Habilitation à diriger des recherches (HDR) - 07/09/2010 

  - Ph.D. in Fundamental and Applied Geochemistry, University Paris Diderot & IPGP - 20/12/2002


Selected Publications

  - J. Cosmidis, K. Benzerara, T. Tyliszczak, T. 2015. Characterization of Ca-phosphate biomaterials by scanning transmission x-ray microscopy (STXM) at the Ca L2,3-, P L2,3- and C K- edges Acta Biomaterialia, 12, 260-269, 2015.

  - E. Couradeau, K. Benzerara, E. Gérard, D. Moreira, S. Bernard, G.E. Brown Jr., P. López-García. An early-branching microbialite cyanobacterium forms intracellular carbonates. Science, 336, 459-462, 2012.
  - M.E. Galvez, O. Beyssac, K. Benzerara, S. Bernard, N. Menguy, S.C. Cox, I. Martinez, M.R., Johnston, G.E. Brown Jr. Morphological preservation of carbonaceous plant fossils in blueschist metamorphic rocks from New Zealand. Geobiology, 10,118-129, 2012.

  - K. Benzerara, J. Miot, G. Morin, F. Skouri-Panet, C. Férard. Significance, mechanisms and environmental implications of microbial biomineralization, C.R. Geoscience 343, 160-167, 2011.

  - K. Benzerara, N. Menguy, M. Obst, J. Stolarski, M. Mazur, T. Tylisczak, G. E. Brown Jr., A. Meibom. Study of the crystallographic architecture of corals at the nanoscale by scanning transmission x-ray microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. Ultramicroscopy 111,1268-75, 2011.


  - J. Miot, K. MacLellan, N. Boisset, K. Benzerara, Preservation of protein globules and peptidoglycan in the mineralized cell wall of nitrate-reducing iron(II) oxidizing bacteria: a cryo-electron microscopy study. Geobiology, 9, 459-470, 2011.

  - K. Lepot, K. Benzerara, G.E. Brown Jr., P. Philippot. Microbially influenced formation of 2,724-million-year-old stromatolites. Nature Geoscience, 1, 118-121, 2008.

  - K. Benzerara, N. Menguy, P. López-García, T.H. Yoon, J. Kazmierczak, T. Tyliszczak, F. Guyot, G.E. Brown Jr. Nanoscale detection of organic signatures in carbonate microbialites. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 103, 9440-9445, 2006.



Main Collaborators 

  - Andreas Kappler (Univ Tubingen)

  - Purificacion Lopez-Garcia (Univ Orsay)

  - David Moreira (Univ Orsay)

  - Muriel Gugger (Institut Pasteur)

  - Didier Jézéquel (IPGP)

  - Emmanuelle Gérard (IPGP)

  - Jean Paul and Simona Saint Martin (CR2P MNHN)

  - Alexis Templeton (Univ Colorado Boulder)

  - GE. Brown Jr (Univ Stanford)

  - Anabel Lopez-Archilla (Univ Aut. Madrid)

  - Rosaluz Tavera (Univ Natl. Aut. Mexico)

  - Amélie Leforestier (LPS Orsay)





List of Members / Research Projects / Publications


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