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Institut de minéralogie, de physique des matériaux et de cosmochimie

1000 ton multi-anvil apparatus

Our 1000 ton multi-anvil apparatus (upgrade funded by [1]) can generate up to 20 GPa and 2200°C using a new Walker module (funded by [2, 1, 3]) in the 10/4 multi-anvil cell configuration (10 mm edge length Cr2O3-doped MgO octahedral pressure medium and 4 mm WC anvil truncation), with 32 mm tungsten carbide (ha 6%-Co, Hawedia) second stage anvils. The heating of the sample can be achieved by different types of furnace materials: LaCrO3, Graphite or Re. The sample temperature (up to 2200° C) during the experiments is measured by a W95Re5–W74Re26 (C type) thermocouple. The press can also accommodate a DIA module [1] where the sample dimensions can vary from 1 mm in diameter to 10 mm for the biggest high pressure high temperature (HPHT) assembly.

The fully automated heating system and pressure regulation is controlled via a tailor home-made device (Institut Neel collaboration) with a sophisticated software interface (funded by [1] and [4]). This device allows us to achieve long-term HP-HT synthesis experiments (several days) in good (P,T) stability conditions.


Source of funding:

[1]       ANR « BCNOP » (ANR-2011-BS08-018).

[2]       « Synthèse de matériaux en conditions extrêmes », projet DIM Oxymore (2013).

[3]       Projet émergence UPMC EME1106  (2011).

[4]       Crédit d’intervention CNRS (2012-2013).



Yann Le Godec (yann.legodec @ impmc.upmc.fr)


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