Real-time geochemical monitoring of bioreactors

In collaboration with Didier Jezequel (IPGP), a batch bioreactor has been set up to follow in situ the physical and chemical variations of culture solutions with a high temporal resolution (< 5s). The actual design of the bioreactor allows to acquire six different physicochemical parameters of the bulk solution via probes (i.e. pH, aCa2+, conductivity and T) and sensor spots (pO2, pCO2) and sample cells under sterile conditions. This bioreactor coupled with microscopy analyses (i.e., CLSM, TEM) is a powerful experimental apparatus to better understand the influence of diverse physicochemical parameters on the formation of intracellular carbonates by cyanobacteria in relation with their physiological state.

Cécile Duflot - 06/11/17