Fériel Skouri-PanetIR CNRS

Scientific Expertise










Contact Details



Office : T22-23, 5th Floor, Room 506

Telephone : 01 44 27 74 88

Mail : feriel.skouri @ upmc.fr





Analytical skills

  - Biochemistry (Protein purification, chromatography, electrophoresis, blotting, protein assays and kinetics, absorbance spectroscopy) 

  - Molecular Biology (DNA and RNA isolation, cloning, mutagenesis)

  - Microbiology (bacteria and protist cultures and characterization)

  - Light Microscopy and Epifluorescence

Professional resume

  - Since 2001: CNRS Research Engineer at IMPMC

  - 1998-2001: Postdoctoral Scientist, UPMC University

Educational background

  - Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular genetics, Paris Sud University (1998)


  - F. Skouri-Panet, M.  Michiel, C. Férard, E. Duprat, S. Finet (2012) Structural and functional specificity of small heat shock protein HspB1 and HspB4, two cellular partners of HspB5: Role of the in vitro hetero-complex formation in chaperone activity. Biochemistry, 94(4):975-84.

  - K. Benzerara, J. Miot, G. Morin, F. Skouri-Panet, C. Férard (2011) Significance, mechanisms and environmental implications of microbial biomineralization, C.R. Geoscience 343, 160-167.

  - Miot J., Morin G., Skouri-Panet F., Férard C., Poitevin A., Aubry A., Ona-Nguema G., Juillot F., Guyot F., Brown Jr GE. (2009) Speciation of arsenic in Euglena gracilis cells exposed to As(V). Environmental Science and Technology, 43 (9), 3315-3321.

  - Miot J., Benzerara K., Morin G., Kappler A., Bernard S., Obst M., Férard C., Skouri-Panet F., Guigner J.M., Posth N., Galvez M., Brown Jr G.E. (2009) Iron biomineralization by neutrophilic iron-oxidizing bacteria. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 73 (3), 696-711.

  - Michiel M., Skouri-Panet F., Duprat E., Simon S., Férard C., Tardieu A. and Finet S. (2009). Abnormal assemblies and subunit exchange of aB- crystallin R120 mutants could be associated with destabilization of the dimeric substructure. Biochemistry, 48:442-453.

  - Skouri-Panet F.,Quevillon-Cheruel S., Michiel M., Tardieu A. and Finet S. (2006) « sHSPs under temperature and pressure : the opposite behaviour of lens alpha-crystalins and HSP26 ». Biochim Biophys Acta. 1764(3): 372-83.

  - Benzerara K., Menguy N., Guyot F., Skouri F., de Luca G., Barakat M., and Heulin T. (2004) « Biologically controlled precipitation of calcium phosphate by Ramlibacter tataouinensis » EPSL 228 : 439-449.



Main Collaborators

  - Stéphanie Finet and Elodie Duprat (IMPMC, UPMC, Paris)

  - Gérard Bolbac (UPMC, Paris)

  - Javier Perez and Pierre Roblin (SOLEIL, Saclay)

  - Ahmed Haouz (Pasteur, Paris)

  - Muriel Gugger and Thierry Maurent (Pasteur, Paris)

  - Kirsten Lampi (OHSU,Portland)