ERC PICKLE: Planetary Interiors Constrained by Key Laboratory Experimentsan experimental, interdisciplinary project to complement space missions and Earth-based observations

The aim of the ERC PICKLE (PI Daniele Antonangeli) is to develop new techniques and methodologies to be able to determine key physical properties at high pressure and temperature, currently missing, but critically needed to produce accurate models of Earth-like (telluric or terrestrial) planetary interiors.

 Indeed, the absence of data on relevant materials at relevant pressure and temperature conditions is the most stringent limitation to our ability to interpret geophysical data from space missions and Earth-based observations, preventing the implementation of accurate planetary models.

We will combine laboratory and synchrotron measurements to acquire unique experimental data at high pressure and high temperature on minerals and mineralogical assemblages forming the mantle of telluric planets, as well as on solid and liquid iron-alloys forming planetary cores.

Such data, combined with the geophysical observations, will allow to establish accurate models of the inner structures and processes of the rocky planets of the Solar system, namely Mercury, Mars, Venus and the Earth, understanding reasons for correspondences and dissimilarities.

Cécile Duflot - 18/10/17